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Communications & Public Relations Coordinator

 Responsible for promoting and branding HOPES for the client population, community organizations, and their clients. Establish and maintain working relationships with partner organizations, and disseminate information to volunteers, stakeholders, clients, and the public.


Duties include:  

  • Create and publish promotional and communications materials.  

  • Create and publis newsletters and reports on HOPES progress and circulate to HOPES stakeholders, volunteers, and the general public.  

  • Update and maintain HOPES social media and website.

  • Development and implementation of marketing strategies to promote HOPES. 

  • Advocate for HOPES and the initiative.  

  • Liaise with stakeholders and community agencies. 

  • Attend Executive meetings. 

  • Other Executive duties as required 

“My involvement with HOPES has been one of the most rewarding and unique experience I have had in my studies at Dalhousie thus far. The communications and public relations portfolio gave me the privilege of sharing the great work of our volunteers and the exciting things the HOPES team is building with our community, stakeholders and volunteers. I would encourage anyone with an interest in interprofessional work and a desire to have the chance to connect with and have a positive impact in their community to apply!”

Jelsi Mynott

Communications & Public Relations Coordinator

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