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HOPES Health Centre


Responsible for coordinated, high quality, efficient, evidence-based service delivery at HOPES Health Centre. The Health Centre coordinator and St. Andrew's coordinators are to work together to ensure adequate services are being provided and that the needs of the population are being met. 

Duties include:  

  • Plan and evaluate programs and services.  

  • Other Executive duties as required.  

  • Attend Executive meetings. 

  • Liaise with Dalhousie Health Services to coordinate use of the clinic space. 

  • Coordinate Health Administration students managing clinic on monthly basis. 

  • Track usage of supplies and order supplies as needed through Dalhousie Health Services. 

  • Evaluate and coordinate clinic flow.  

  • Work with Finance and Fundraising Coordinator on clinical portion of the budget and billing of Dalhousie Health Services. 

  • Responsible for all records, forms, and patient files.  

"My role as the Clinical Coordinator at the HOPES Health Centre has allowed me to collaborate with faculty and students; and to prepare, review, and evaluate the clinic’s flow. This position is a great experience opportunity for anyone planning on working in management or administration. As a student pursuing my Master of Health Administration degree, it was an easy decision to make. The job is to ensure everyone, and everything in the clinic gets where they need to be, and that they flow as smooth as possible. This position can be very demanding at times, but it is also very rewarding. The clinic is a setting where you immediately see the results of giving back to the community, by directly participating in the client’s health care. I encourage anyone with administration/management skills, as well as attention to details, to apply for this position."

Alejandro Gutierrez Ocampo 


HOPES Health Centre

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