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HOPES at St. Andrew's


Responsible for coordinated, high quality, efficient, evidence-based service delivery at HOPES at St. Andrew’s. The coordinators are to work together to ensure adequate services are being provided and that the needs of the population are being met. 

Duties include:  

  • Plan and evaluate programs and services.  

  • Other Executive duties as required.  

  • Attend Executive meetings. 

  • Liaise with St. Andrew's Church and Sunday Suppers to coordinate HOPES presence at St. Andrew's. 

  • Coordinate health promotion, education, and navigation activities at St. Andrew's through the facilitation of interprofessional teams

  • Plan programming and ensure there are appropriate supplies in place for weekly activities.  

  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator and Preceptor Coordinator to ensure there are students and appropriate supervision in place each week to offer services at St. Andrew's. 


"My role as the Co-Clinical Coordinator at the HOEPS St. Andrew’s Site has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my medical school career at Dalhousie. I have had the opportunity to work closely with students from a variety of health professions and have learned first hand the power of inter-professional collaboration. In addition to this, I have had the privilege of spending my Sundays getting to know the guests who attend the Sunday Supper at St. Andrew’s. They have welcomed me into their community and taught me invaluable lessons around the impacts of the social determinants of health. My experiences with the community members will undoubtably shape my future career as a physician, as they have given me a unique understanding of the specific needs of vulnerable groups within our community. I would encourage anyone with a passion for social justice to apply for this role and make a difference!" 

"Building relationships and bridging community gaps through outreach has made my time with HOPES very enjoyable. I love reuniting with my Sunday family on a weekly basis as we come together to promote more equitable and accessible health services." 

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