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Preceptor Coordinator

Responsible for the identification, recruitment, scheduling and retention of health professionals for the Health Centre, health promotion, education and navigation activities. This position requires the volunteer be available 5 - 10 hours/week.

Important duties include:

  • Provide information about HOPES to potential preceptors.

  • Maintain and update the preceptor information package and all accompanying documents.

  • Identify opportunities to recruit preceptors for HOPES.

  • Ensure preceptors meet requirements for supervision as required by Dalhousie University and HOPES.

  • Create preceptor schedule and ensure preceptors are present for shifts through e-mail reminders.

  • Maintain the preceptor database with up to date contact information.

  • Create and distribute annual appreciation packages to preceptors.

  • Attend executive meetings.

  • Other executive duties as required.

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