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Finance and Fundraising Coordinator

Responsible for maintaining the financial records of HOPES and work with the executive team to advise on the financial impact of decisions and to ensure there is adequate funding in place to operate the clinic throughout the year. This position requires the volunteer be available 5 - 10 hours/week.

Important duties include:

  • Creation of an annual budget by March 30th.

  • Liaise with Clinical Operations Coordinators and Dalhousie Student Health Services to ensure billings for supplies are paid in a timely manner.

  • Advise executive members on HOPES finances regularly.

  • Advise on financial impact of potential HOPES activities and initiatives.

  • Apply for funding grants, seek out sponsorships and maintain sponsorship packages.

  • Identify and plan potential fundraising opportunities.

  • Attend executive meetings.

  • Other executive duties as required.

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