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Co-Executive Directors

Responsible for providing leadership to the Executive Team and the Health Centre and serving as the official representatives for HOPES.  


Duties include:  

  • Chair the HOPES Executive Committee; prepare the agenda for and regularly call meetings of the committee. 

  • Report to the Board of Directors and faculty advisor committee on the activities of the HOPES executive. 

  • Oversee the work of each coordinator portfolio. 

  • Ensure activities are in line with HOPES strategic priorities, mission, vision and values.  

  • Other executive duties as required.  

 "Serving as Co-Executive Director of HOPES has been one of the best experiences I have had during my time at Dalhousie. It is an incredible opportunity to develop skills you might not otherwise develop through your degree that will be useful throughout your career. HOPES is at an exciting juncture as it has launched and is starting to grow. It is an opportunity to be creative and experiment while working with students, faculty, university administrators, and community members, all of whom are working towards the same vision. However, one of the most rewarding aspects of the position is getting to know, become friends with, and work closely with students from a wide variety of health professions. I would encourage anyone with a drive for making change, leadership, and interprofessional collaboration to apply for the position.

Heather Webster

 Co-Executive Director

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